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Biotech Laboratories is a NATA accredited commercial and public microbiological testing facility. Our modern laboratory operates 7 days a week providing analyses of a wide range of samples including water, food, soil, air and surfaces from both food premises and air-conditioning facilities. We also offer consulting services in shelf life evaluations, food poisoning complaint processing, hygiene auditing, problem solving and microbial identification.

We take pride in our commitment to the quality of our results, in our integrity and especially in our aim to ensure our customers requirements are not just met, but exceeded.



Biotech Laboratories provided much needed food safety training to members of the Darwin food industry. The training seminars were held in August 2017.

The first seminar was held in conjunction with the Northern Territory Government, Environmental Health Department. The seminar covered testing procedures, routine quality control of products, as well as how to evaluate laboratory reports.

The second seminar was dedicated to Foodbank, and their many enthusiastic volunteers.

The concept of Foodbank is simple - to feed the country's needy by redistributing surplus food.

Biotech Laboratories provided free food safety training to ensure the food is handled correctly and is safe for human consumption.

The final seminar was for the residence of Banyan House - a drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre. The training was provided to help assist in their rehabilitation.




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