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Biotech Laboratories is a NATA accredited commercial and public microbiological testing facility. Our modern laboratory operates 7 days a week providing analyses of a wide range of samples including water, food, soil, air and surfaces from both food premises and air-conditioning facilities. We also offer consulting services in shelf life evaluations, food poisoning complaint processing, hygiene auditing, problem solving and microbial identification. We take pride in our commitment to the quality of our results, in our integrity and especially in our aim to ensure our customers requirements are not just met, but exceeded.


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N.S.W.Legionella control in water cooling systems - new regulatory requirements at a glance


Requirements commenced on 1 January 2018 for:

monthly sampling and testing for Legionella  and heterotrophic colony count

notification of reportable laboratory test results.

Requirements commenced on 10 August 2018 for:

risk assessment and development of an RMP every 5 years or more frequently if required risk assessment and development of an RMP every 5 years or more frequently if required

independent audit of compliance with RMP and Regulation annually

providing certificates of RMP and audit completion to local government authorities

displaying unique identification numbers allocated by local government authorities on coolingtowers.

The first risk assessments under the amended Regulation will be completed in phases. Local government authorities will allocate systems in their area to a due date of 30 November 2018, 31 March 2019, or 30 June 2019

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